Sometimes I feel so out of touch

Every so often I get curious about what the rest of the world is thinking about.  And a good place to find out is the Google Hot Trends page.

And when I get there, I don’t know anything about anything.  Here’s selection of what people are looking for:

“Rikers Island” and “fishkill correctional facility” – and who says the web is a dangerous place?  Enough people have friends in prison that these two make the hot topics list.

“nik richie is a douche” – I don’t know who he is or what he did to piss people off, but sometimes bad press is bad press.  I feel like the internet has become a giant bathroom wall.

“unemployment extension” – Well, you know the economy’s in the dumper when this phrase makes the top list.

“aside from spiders what animals belong to the arachnid family” – Huh?  Apparently enough 3rd grade classrooms are studying spiders this week that they’re a trending topic.  Next week is “how many other plants besides lima beans can be grown in a couple wet paper towels?”

“onyxia s lair” – Not a clue… Apparently it’s from World Of Warcraft.  Good to see people spending their time on important things.

“bijou phillips”, “mackenzie phillips family secret”,”khloe kardashian getting married” – Why not just search for “celebrities that don’t seem to really do anything”

khristine eroshevich” – That’s got to be cut and paste.  Nobody can actually spell that name.

Just goes to show that the mainstream collective thought process can be a little disappointing at times.

Phil Johnson

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