Roadside Attraction on Rock Band?

Yep, it’s definitely something that’s coming down the pike.  As early as September ’09.

So, which of my songs would YOU like to play on Rock Band?

I’ve got some ideas of which I’d like to put out.  I think, on the easier side, would be songs like Horizontal Tango and Share My Pixie Dust.

On the harder side, we could attack Afrodizzyac or Brown Ring Around The Collar.  Both very difficult to play.  In fact, when we were writing Afrodizzyac, we spent 45 minutes playing just the last two measures over and over again to get them right.

I’m very excited for this opportunity.  It’ll be fun to share a small part of the writing and practicing process that goes into my songs.

And you won’t even have to buy a whole new game or anything.  The songs will be available as individual downloads.

On a similar note, I’m up for releasing sheet music for the songs as well.  For those who want to play a real guitar instead of a plastic one. 🙂  So if there’s a song you’d like to learn, let me know and I’ll work on getting it notated.

Phil Johnson

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