Regular People With Famous Criminal Names

I was doing a bit of research for a joke the other day (cuz I do that…) and discovered that there are parents stupid enough out there to give their kids the same name as a famous criminal.

This is actually Adolph Hitler Benkowitz, children's party entertainer.

Case in point… Father Al Capone of St. Michael’s Parish School in Lowell, MA.  Granted his first name is Albert and the criminal version was named Alphonse, but come on mom and dad… think it through.

Clyde Barrow is the Call Center Manager for the Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce.  His biggest crime is probably having people call you during dinner to sell PAL football donations.

Ted Bundy does sales at Jones Taxes in Chicago.  Didn’t know Ted Bundy could get you a bigger refund, did ya?

Jeffrey Dahmer does Compensation and Benefits Analysis at ERCOT in Austin, TX.  He keeps the lights on in Austin and probably doesn’t eat people.  Probably.

There are a ton of John Dillingers… including a janitor at MGM studios in Los Angeles.  I know, the perfect place to make a comeback, right?

John Hinckley is the President (ironic) and CEO of Modern Message LLC.  And his message is, “Don’t kill presidents.”

I was thrilled that I was unable to find anyone named Charles Manson.  I think we’ve retired that one, along with anyone named Adolph.

And please parents…. If your last name is Nader, don’t name your kid Darth.

Phil Johnson


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