Need Your Thoughts On Push Notifications

Phil Johnson Android App Screen CapI recently released my new Android app, but haven’t done much marketing on it yet. It includes push notification abilities so I can communicate with you through the app.  Of course, I’ll be using it sparingly and only for stuff I think you’ll really be interested in.  And I can geo-target instead of shooting everything to everybody.

And that’s my question… What would be interesting to you in a push notification from my app?

A few things I’m thinking about:
– Ticket or merch giveaways/discounts – probably on the day of a show in your area.
– Announcements for new shows booked in your area
– Drink discounts from the venue
– Deals or announcements for new songs/videos being released
– Opportunities to grab a meal with me when I’m in your town.  I’m usually on tour alone. 🙂
– News of last minute show changes/cancellations
– and…..

Now I need some help from you… This app will be going through ongoing changes to make it as useful and enjoyable as possible.  So what would you like to see in a push notification from me?  Leave a comment below and let me know.  Thanks!

Oh, and if you don’t have the app yet, it’s in the Android Play store if you search “Phil Johnson” or download it here.  And I’ll have an iPhone version out as soon as I can scrape together and extra hundred bucks for an Apple developer account.

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