Production on “Super Dan” begins!

Super Dan Preliminary ModelOver the last few months, I’ve given myself license again to write songs that I might not necessarily play at a comedy club gig.  Sometimes that may take the form of a song like “I’m Not The One” – ie. something way too serious.  Or it may be a funny song that just isn’t the right kind of funny for a comedy club gig.  And that’s the case with “Super Dan”, the tale of a super hero who’s only super when he’s super drunk.

You may have seen the quick demo version of Super Dan I posted awhile back.  If not, here it is.  (What they can’t do these days!)


I’m spending most of this week in the recording studio working on the fleshed out recording of Super Dan.  We’re also starting work on the video. “We?”, you ask? 

Since Super Dan is a comic book type character, I thought it would be fun to do a comic book style video.  I’m a big fan of comic and animation art.  Constantly amazed at the action and emotion that can be elicited with a few swipes of the pencil.  Here’s what hangs over my desk in my office.

So I’ve roped Jeff Sornig of Sornigrafix into doing the artwork for the video.  Jeff’s really talented and has a great sense of humor that meshes well with my own.  The pic at the top of this post is one of the concept models we’re working with on Super Dan.  Though we’re trying to make him a little more babyfaced and change his skin tone a bit.  We want him to look a little more likeable.  The dude who would entertain you with his crazy stories at the bar.

My Super Dan

Just so you see why I’m working with another artist on this project, here’s my concept drawing of Super Dan…

As you can can, visual arts have never been my strong point.

I had thought about doing it as an animated video, but reconsidered due to my love of still frame art. 🙂  I’m picturing it like one of those cool DVD extras that takes you through a synced storyboard of the missing scene from a film.

We’re looking at releasing the song and video sometime in February.  And I’ll keep you updated here with fun stuff as we go along.

There may even be a chance for you to win some original art from the video, autographed by both of us.

So stay tuned for more goodies and details!

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