Snow White Exhibit Pictures from Disney Family Museum

Magic Mirror Production Painting

Over the weekend I finally made it up to the Disney Family Museum to see the Snow White exhibit called “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Creation Of A Classic”.  It was the final weekend, so if you haven’t seen it yet, this blog post is the best you’re gonna do. 🙂

It was a really nicely designed exhibit, especially for a film that doesn’t have a lot of original cels left.  A lot of the pieces were studio reproductions and such.  But that’s normal for a film this old, before the days of cel restoration and care.

There was tons of concept and pencil sketch though, which is my favorite.  As someone who creates art myself, I’m usually way more interested in the process than the finished product.

So, bunch o’pictures today.  Most of them don’t need much explanation, but I’ll add if needed.  Also, something I learned recently… The term “dwarfs”, rather than “dwarves” is correct in this case.  The term “dwarves” didn’t come into use until quite a few years after Snow White was released.  Who knew?

Click on the picture to get a larger view.

As a side note, I also stopped by the stop-motion animation exhibit called “Between Frames”, but didn’t think to take pictures. 🙂  This one lasts through the end of April, so you still have time to get over there to see it.  It’s small, so don’t plan a whole trip around it.  30 minutes if you read everything.

They had some cool stuff, including models and armatures, ranging from King Kong and Gumby to Robot Chicken and Nightmare Before Christmas.  It’s not super in depth (nothing about the Ranking Bass holiday specials for instance), but entertaining nonetheless.

And if you stop by closing weekend, April 25-27, they’re doing some special classes and talks.  Seth Green and the Robot Chicken crew will be there doing some stuff.  Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town on tour.  So you’ll have to tell me about later. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed these pictures from the Snow White exhibit!  If so, do me a favor and share this post with your Disney loving friends!

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