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About a month ago I posted the story of a jackass who doesn’t understand what goes into the business of being an artist.  Knowing that many of the good folks that follow my work are also great artists of their own, I put out the call for stuff they’ve done.  And as you’ll see below, I got some really great music, painting, films, writing, and more.


Here’s the thing I want you to get out of this:

  • Creativity exists in lots of forms.  It doesn’t have to be the traditional art forms.  It could be a great painting or the ingenious way you duct taped the lock on your bedroom door so the kids can’t bust in on you.
  • Creating is hard. Putting that creation out in the world is hard.  Trying to get people to experience your creation is hard.
  • If you don’t like someone’s creation… Shut the hell up unless you have something useful and helpful to say.

I won’t be commenting on any of this either way.  It’s not my place to.  There’s lots of good stuff here if you’re the right audience for it.

That being said… May I present to you… The Art.

The creation I’m currently working on is the Godly Acres web series, but we don’t start filming until next month, so I don’t have any clips from it yet (so far I just have a trailer I made with the theme song and a video I made for the Indiegogo campaign). I’ll send the book that the web series is based on instead because I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to share something with the term “goat herpes” in the title.

Video of me playing my NS/Stick that I made for myself in 2012 at my day
gig, Luthier at Stick Enterprises, Inc.

John Mueller (on piano)
This was recorded at my 70th birthday party.  The singer is Heather Redland.  The tenor is Bob Irania who still plays around town and I’m the pianist, of course.  (We’re using Band in a Box for bass and drums.) 

Adam Ellis

Joey Lillico
What I create is simply a smile on the face of anyone who is down. It can’t be put online for something anyone can see. It creates a happier memory after a bad one simply by being the talking and yes even making myself look like a fool at times. And I don’t want or need any kind of recognition for it either. I do it cause I don’t like to see people sad or down in any way. Other than that I’m not a creator of any kind but I will never comment in negative ways cause I know the struggle through others that do create.


Mike StinnettOn Etsy
rom Vince Hamilton: I am a stay at home gamer, tee hee. So I would like to enter a family members website in my stead.



Tracey RolandelliTracey on Twitter
OK, here ya go! Have a nude. 🙂


Scott SullivanYouTube Channel
Me and my friend make films together, since we’re currently in the middle of a pilot and a feature film, this is probably the best thing we’ve done.

Writer, musician, producer.  A short fiction told in six flash fiction chapters…With music.
Check it out here.


Jeff Redlick – YouTube Channel
I’m just wrapping up a 39 minute documentary short , “Kidnapped By The Mob”.  This one is going to entered in some film festivals .

Doug Hoffman aka

My emcee name is Boxguts, or Guts for short.  I do my own artwork, and write all of my own lyrics.  I’ve dabbled a bit in beat-making, but do not rhyme over my own beats.  I do however have an excellent  team of producers who I work with that create and give me original and exclusive beats that I record on.

When I’m not making music, I’m usually drawing or painting.

Matthew CookYouTube Channel
Pianist, songwriter, and he built that deck below himself too.  But he said he won’t be building them for anyone else.

I did some roast material on 209-area comedians who were with me on this show. It was a good night.

My creative work?  Hmmmmmmmm … well, i used to be something of an indie songwriter & musician. Here’s one example of what i was able to produce:


I am a refrigeration specialist, in this part of my life, and I service domestic,and commercial wine cellars. At an art fair 2 years ago, I came across one of these bottles. I bought it.

It sat on my counter,and every day,I looked at it; a snack tray, a spoon rest…

But then, I began to see its value as a “Business Card”! A visual pun = wine warm enough to melt a bottle I went to the art fair the next year (Art on the Fox)looking for that lady, to commission her to make them for me.  Alas, she was not there.

But the desire persisted, so much so that I researched the technique,and equipment. I bought in.  I have learned to make the bottles as a business card, and my customers LOVE them.

But,of course,like you, I’m not satisfied just hitting grade one, and so I began to become an artisan.  I’ve learned to take dissimilar bottles and fuse them. Trial and error. The different densities,and glasses, require different curing regimens, and techniques.

Also, it’s suitable for snacks…so, it’ll keep his nuts off the bar,,(see what I did there?)

But, now you know. That is a brown,and green,pair of wine bottles fused,and capable of gracing a dining table with crackers and cheeses, to go with the wines.  Art.

So, there ya go.  People doing good stuff in the name of “because”.  I think I got everyone’s stuff in that was sent.  But if I missed yours, let me know and I’ll add it.

If your art is included here, share this post with your friends to spread the wealth.  And if your stuff isn’t in this post, share it with your friends anyway.  Those that took the time to send their stuff to me and put their art in the world deserve a little more attention on it.

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