New Video – Butch Walker’s “All The Love You Need” Cover

Butch Walker - All The Love You NeedAfter my show last night, I was doing a little playing in my studio to wind down.  Decided to whip up a little cover of Butch Walker’s new song “All The Love You Need”.  It’ll be included in the documentary coming out about him next month called “Out Of Focus”.

This is one of those songs that amazes me with its simplicity (4 very common chords) and great lyrics.  Depressing lyrics, but great. 

According to this post from Entertainment Weekly (where you can also hear Butch’s version) the song is a collaboration with the South Carolina folk duo Shovels and Rope.

Anyway, give it a listen and let me know what you think. 🙂


New Video – Butch Walker’s “All The Love You Need” Cover — 2 Comments

  1. This is great…I loved it (and I love Butch Walker)! And it just so happens that Shovels and Rope (aka Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent) live in my hometown…they used to play every week not far from my house, but now they’ve gotten so popular that they’re always on the road. : )

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