New Song You’ll Hate and Video! – Hello Little Monkey

I’m very excited because you’re sharing in two “firsts” with me today.

This is my first music video!  All my other videos have been live performance things, but this one has a storyline and everything. 🙂

Second, this is the first time I’ve ever written a song, hoping people will hate it…

You know those songs that totally get stuck in your head and drive you nuts?  And you’re really not that fond of the song, but you still can’t stop singing it?  And you’d rather bang your head against a concrete wall then listen to another chorus in your brain?

I wrote one of those…. It’s called “Hello Little Monkey”.  Welcome to the personal hell my girlfriend has been living in for two months as I worked on this thing.

The song is now available for download at
You name the price, 25 cents min.

And remember, torture and mental anguish are more fun when your friends are tortured and anguished too.  So please share these links with as many friends as you can and help me infect the world with “Hello Little Monkey”! 🙂

Phil Johnson

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