New Live Comedy Download – “Live Behind A Head”

Live Behind A Head - Comedy Album from Phil JohnsonIn June I performed a week at Laughs Unlimited in Sacramento, CA and the audiences were great!  So for my August release I’d like to share some of that with you.  You can see from the cover photo why I decided to make this an audio release. 🙂

I’m calling this album “Live Behind A Head” and you can download it for free (or donate if you’d like).  27 minutes of new material and old favorites, including my newest song “If I Were A Girl”.

Includes: Budget Pimp – Vertical Eyebrows – Military Shows – Real Pretty – Weed – Hawaii – Truck Nuts – Gay Children’s Books – Foreplay – Bad Porno Sex – If I Were A Girl

To download it for free click “download” and put “0” in the price box.

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