Let’s Do Spotify…

SpotifyI’m looking into offering some cool goodies and otherwise being much more active as an artist on Spotify.

However their new rules insist that an artist have at least 250 followers before I can claim my Artist Profile.

They have apparently never heard my axiom that every band is somebody’s favorite.


So if you’re a Spotify user click the little follow button below to make sure you hear about all the new releases I’m putting up there.

My releases are a bit scattered among slightly different names: Phil Johnson, Roadside Attraction, Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction, Phil Johnson of Roadside Attraction… They can’t figure out how to link all those together.

So to help remedy that, here’s a playlist of all my stuff that’s on there.

And if you’re on Apple Music.. Can’t help you there yet.  I’ve claimed my artist pages but their artist app is only for iOS devices right now and I’m not part of the Apple cult.  As soon as they open up an Android app I’ll have some goodies over there for you too.


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