Learning About Anger Management From Bees

Bees can only use their stinger once since it will rip their guts out through their butt and kill them.  That makes me figure that a bee really needs to be pissed off to sting you.  I don’t think he would be like, “That guy’s a Raiders fan….He’s going down.”

But most people who get stung aren’t messing with the hive or something.  It’s usually pretty random.  Probably for the bee too.  Bees are just flying around trying to not accidentally get their butt stuck in something and die.  Think of it… That would be like you’re wearing shorts and you sit down on a vinyl seat in the middle of July.  Bam…dead.

If a bee stings you on purpose, he probably prefaces it with, “TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE!!!!”

I wonder if bees have a lot of pent up hostility.  They don’t sting each other.  But they do communicate through dance when they find a new pollen source.  Maybe they settle their arguments with a dance battle.  Maybe the inside of the hive is like Breakin’ 2: Electric Bugaloo… (Bad, Phil.  Bad pun…)

Maybe that could work well with humans.  A guy hits his wife.  His fist sticks to her face.  She pulls away and yanks his guts out through his arm socket.  Messy, but effective.

Eye for an eye, butt for a butt.

Phil Johnson

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