Just be quiet, racist people…

Daryl DavisI just realized it’s been awhile since I posted a blog here.  Not for lack of writing.  I spend 3-4 hours per day writing.  Been working on new stand-up material and songs for my 4th comedy special.  I’m about 15,000 words into the first draft of a novel.  And I’m working on some sample pieces to submit to a particular publication.

And none of that seems to fit into a blog format.  Sorry about that.

But let’s get something going, shall we?  A nice light topic.  Let’s talk racism.  (I mean “light” in the weight sense, not the skin pigment sense.  Calm down already.)

Discussions on race are always White People vs. _____ now.  There hasn’t been a discussion of English vs. Belgians in quite awhile.  Even Italians and Irish get along these days.

I think we can all agree that we’re getting tired of discussing race.  But those darn racists keep bringing it up.  If they’d quit doing and saying stupid things we could talk about more important things like my album.

If racists would just stay quiet and keep to themselves, then they can hate whatever they want, we’ll never know about it, and they’ll eventually die and we can all go on with our lives.  Like I really hate tomatoes.  But I don’t go around calling them names or beating them up.  I quietly hate tomatoes and the rest of the world doesn’t care. And I don’t need them to care.

It’s really difficult to change someone’s mind.  Especially when you’re yelling at them and waving a sign in their face.  Right Westboro Baptist Church?  So protests and what all don’t work.

What will work?  Education.  But not in a “Write a 500 word essay about why not to hate black people” kind of way.

I read an article awhile back about a black musician, Daryl Davis, who made it his mission to sit and talk with white racists.  That guy got through to people.  And he had the collection of white hooded robes as trophies for the racists he became friends with.

So maybe we need some sort of Big Brother-Little Racist program.  But putting people in touch with other real people makes a ton of difference.

I’ve been to a lot of these towns that don’t have anything but white people in them.  I mean, besides the one Asian family that owns the Chinese restaurant.  They’re always there. But when other people are unknown, they’re scary.  So we need to make them not scary.  And that takes face time.

If we just keep educating people the future will arrive, everyone will be a light mocha color, and people will be able to marry their sex robots.  Just roll with it.

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