If I Were A Girl – The Contest!

If I Were A Girl cover by Phil Johnson and Roadside AttractionDid you get your download of “If I Were A Girl” yet?  Today is contest day!

Answer 5 questions correctly and you can win these prizes!

1st Place:
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction DVD 3-Pack
– Including “What Color Is Your Laugh?”, “Raising A Rockus”, and “What Color Is Your Laugh?”
A “Be Yourself…Unless You’re An Idiot” T-shirt
An autographed dollar store eye shadow set

2nd Place:
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction CD 3-Pack
– Including “Ribbed For Your Pleasure”, “A Nut Unbroken”, and “I Know I Shouldn’t Say This, But…”
An autographed dollar store lipstick

3rd Place:
A Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction “Stuff People Like” Greatest Hits CD (only available at my live shows!)
An autographed dollar store eye liner pencil

How To Enter

Send me an email at Phil@RoadsideAttraction.com with the subject line “Girly Contest”

Include the following:
– First and Last Name
– Zip Code
– Who referred you to the contest

Why the last one?  Because for everyone you refer, you get an extra entry in the contest!  Yay, bribery!

Then you must answer these questions in the email…
1. What brand of “back massager” is mentioned in the first chorus of the song?
2. Which TV personality “says you’re an asshole” during the last section of the song?
3. In the video, which visual reference refers to a bit on my DVD “Be Yourself…Unless You’re An Idiot”?
4. In the video, where is the “hidden Mickey”?
5. From what city does guest rapper Tah Phrum Duh Bush hail from?

Winners will be chosen on Monday May 13th, 2013 by random drawing of all correct responses.

Here’s the video!

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