“If I Were A Girl” Now Available!

If I Were A Girl cover by Phil Johnson and Roadside AttractionBeyonce, eat your heart out…

Oh, boy… I’ve been working on this one for quite awhile.  It was written a year ago and today it’s officially available for download!

“If I Were A Girl” started off as an idea for a parody song based on Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy”, which I find to be a really well written song.  But being that I don’t do parodies and don’t really like playing other people’s stuff that much, my version sounds absolutely nothing like a Beyonce song.

And I invited a special guest for this one!  You’ll hear a guest rap by Tah Phrum Duh Bush, one of New York City’s finest rappers and a pal of mine for many years now.  We’ve been talking about collaborating on something for a long time and we finally made it happen.  If you’d like to see more of what Tah does, check out his website at www.TahOnline.com

Like my other stuff, you can name your own price for this download, but possibly for only a limited time.  Your download includes both the regular track and an instrumental version for your karaoke pleasure.  Plus you’ll get a bonus track from my DVD “Be Yourself…Unless You’re An Idiot” and copy of my ebook “Short Stories and Chicken Recipes”.

Check it out!

If I Were A Girl – The Video

Now for the video…. I did this in one take in my hotel room in Toledo, OH while on tour.  Praying the entire time that one of the hotel maids wouldn’t accidentally walk in.  When I went to the dollar store to buy the makeup (cuz I’m a high roller), the cashier asked if I was shopping for girlfriend. (How cheap of me would that be?)  I told her no, it was for a music video.  Pretty sure she didn’t believe me.

I hope you like the song.  Make sure you download a copy for yourself, even if you can’t pay anything (though I’m happy when you do!).

Then, I would super appreciate you sharing this post and/or video with your friends to help me spread the word.  One word to your friends from you is worth more than a thousand words from me. 🙂  Thanks for your help!

Come back here tomorrow to find out about the special contest I’m announcing around this song!

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