If I Could Just Get A Few More Hours In The Day….

You know those days where you get out of bed with the best intentions of laying waste to you to-do list?  You’re going to be super productive and your life will have taken great strides by 5:00.

And then everything starts to take too long.  Unexpected junk turns up.  You’re on phone hold for 30 minutes instead of the 5 minutes they promised.  Your computer decides to not do what it’s supposed to.  There’s a huge line at the gas station.

Yeah, that’s how my week has been going.  So that’s why I missed posting on Tuesday like I normally would and nearly missed today.  In fact, this probably won’t be the most successful post I’ve ever put up.  But sometimes it’s important to stay on schedule. 🙂

And now I have just about 45 minutes of solid work time before getting in the car for the two hour drive to my gig tonight.

I have been writing in short bursts though.  Thinking about True Religion Jeans and their obnoxious price tag of $350.  They really should just comes with the sock that douche is going to stick down the front anyway.  I hope that when the world ends, the aliens or God or Satan or Snooki’s Baby or whoever starts with the idiots at True Religion then goes right over to massacre the people waiting in line to get into the Coach store.

I’m going to Vegas next week which means I’ll be hit on by a drunk guy at some point.  Even when they see my facial hair it doesn’t click right away.  It’s like a little vague “check engine” light going off in their head.  Something’s wrong, but they can’t put their finger on what.

And just this morning I was thinking the the fact that our nation’s founding fathers grew hemp and stoners love to use that as proof that weed should be legal.  I have to remind them that they weren’t growing it hydroponically in a closet somewhere.  George Washington never invited Thomas Jefferson over to his house and said, “Yeah dude, I call it Purple Trainwreck.”  They used it for things like rope and clothing.  I’ll have to challenge a stoner to tie down the gib with his dime bag.

Yes friends, one day soon those will be real jokes.  Funny doesn’t usually start out that way. 🙂

So since I haven’t been terribly amusing today, I’ll leave you with a video from Robot Chicken explaining how Starbucks got their logo.

Oh, and why not a video of my friend Tah Phrum Duh Bush being hassled by the cops?
You can visit Tah and hear his amazing music at www.TahOnline.com


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