Idaho Teacher Vagina – Yeah, that’s a search phrase now.

Idaho Teacher Vagina

MAYBE if he showed up to class like this, I might object. But probably not.

I think it’s finally happened.  The far left and far right have finally come full circle and met in a supernova of idiocy on the farthest side from logic.  This morning I woke to the first story in my Flipboard feed (I gotta remember not to look at the news in the morning) about Tim McDaniel, a high school science (key word there) teacher in Dietrich, ID is being investigated for using the word “vagina” in class.

And they think they found to gateway to Hell in Turkey….

Now, you might that say a teacher talking about vaginas and explaining the mechanics of an orgasm might be uncalled for.  But the dude was teaching a Sex Ed class.  I’m thoroughly surprised that the parents weren’t also offended by the word “sex” in the class title.

If the guy was teaching Geometry, maybe they’d have a case.  Maybe not.  I think I would have learned a lot more in Geometry if I was asked to prove the angles of a vagina.

But in Sex Ed?  What the hell is he supposed to call it?  I don’t want to live in a world where Sex Ed teachers have to use the word “vajajay”.  In fact, I’d like to see that word stricken from the record, baliff.

You can’t teach that class and call it “her happy place”.  Maybe they would have been more approving of the phrase “bearded clam”?  Or “fuzzy lap flounder”?  How about “cock locker”? There really are plenty of other terms without resorting to the proper scientific one.  I have whole book of them.  No, really, I do.

I assume he must have also said “penis” at some point.  If not, he wasn’t telling the right story at all.  So why is that not part of the complaint?  Aren’t they worried that if their sons only learn about penises that they might turn gay?  I’d think theses little conservative towns would be priming their sons with all sorts of regular vagina talk to keep them on the straight and narrow.

To be fair, this complaint was generated by just four parents. I don’t know if that’s two couples, or four individual parents.  But in a town of just 332 people, that’s a full 1.2% of the population that publicly objects to vaginas.  That’s too much vagina hate, friends.

Come on, even Fox News kept to the facts and didn’t defend the parents on this one.

Ok, I’m done worrying about the dirty thoughts of 4 narrow minded asshats from Idaho now.

Incidentally, after seeing the story on Flipboard, I googled “idaho teacher vagina” to find the story again for review.  There are some things you never imagined yourself searching for.  That was one of them.

That being said, when you get to page 65 of the Google search results for that phrase, the websites take on a slightly different flavor.

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