I Wanna Rock! (Socially Responsibly) – The most politically correct rock song ever.

I Wanna Rock (Socially Responsibly) - New single from Phil Johnson and Roadside AttractionIn case you’ve never looked at me, I have a background in hard rock and metal music.  LOVE the stuff.

But some of it hasn’t held up well over the years.  Some of the lyrics are downright unacceptable now.  Violent, sexist, homophobic… Not very politically correct..

So being a responsible modern adult white male (‘woke’ as the kids say…) I thought I should write a song in the style of that stuff I loved as a teenager, but with a more modern mindset about it.

So put on your faux leather pants, tease your hair up and spray it with non-aerosol hairspray, turn up your solar powered speakers, and snort some protein powder off a feminist stripper’s ass (she’s already graduated college and is just doing it to express her power over men)…

Here is “I Wanna Rock (Socially Responsibly)”!
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