How My Dad Finally “Got It”

Tah Phrum Duh BushLike most parents, my Dad did his best to understand the crazy music I was listening to as a kid.  And he was on board with a lot of it, but he never “got” hip hop music.

Fast forward a few years, my Dad and I were at a music conference hanging out with tons of other cool artists.  One night we were in a hotel room with a couple of my most talented hip hop artist friends, Tah Phrum Duh Bush and Titus…
Do you know what freestyling is?  That’s when the rapper improvises straight off the top of his head.  And it’s HARD.  That night we watched Tah and Titus pass the mic back and forth for 30 minutes straight, freestyling without a break.
My Dad turned to me and said, “I get it now… This is amazing.”
He’d finally seen the raw skill and art that go into great hip hop music.  Stripped to the bones and smart as can be.
Recently Tah did a guest spot on my song “If I Were A Girl” and lots of people have been asking me about him since.  So I asked Tah if he’d put together something cool for you. 
He’s put together a page just for my friends (that’s you!) to grab 7 of his best tracks (for free) so you can see what he’s all about.  And I would love it if you do go check them out because I know you’ll enjoy them. 🙂 Go grab them at:
Even if you don’t consider yourself a hip hop fan, go check out Tah’s stuff anyway.  I think you’ll be surprised.  This isn’t the lowest common denominator garbage you hear pumped out by radio.  Tah’s stuff is intelligent, thoughtful, and at times very funny. 🙂

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