Winnie The Pooh says, ‘Stop Bein’ A Little Bitch!”

I’m headed for the Disney D23 Expo next week, so I’ve got a bit of Disney on the brain. Plus my trip there will be followed by shows in LA and Las Vegas, so it oughta be a hell of at trip. 🙂 

Snow White Haunted Mansion MashupOne of my favorite Disney things over the last couple years has been non-Disney Disney art.  Either fan generated or by licensed Disney artists.  Why?  Because it isn’t as precious with the characters as the company needs to be.

Like this Snow White/Haunted Mansion mashup.  The Disney company boys can’t abuse the characters like this, but it’s fair game for everyone else. 

Any and all of the major characters has had the piss taken out of them by some enterprising young (delinquent) artist.  I’ve done so verbally with my bit “Gangsta Pooh” from my DVD “Be Yourself…Unless You’re An Idiot”.  So I thought it’d be fun to go hunt up some art to go with it.


Gangsta Pooh

Here’s a classic that’s been around since, I think, the MySpace days. Back when the whole site looked like the signs near a freeway offramp. I had no idea the 100 Acre Wood was near Cincinnati.

Gangster Pooh

Not entirely sure what’s going on in this one. He’s got window blind shades on and, I assume, the black bar is to blank out where his soft and fuzzy manhood would be. As well as the most awkward pistol grip I’ve ever seen.

1930's Gangster Pooh

Another net classic. This time with Pooh in the more traditional 1930’s gangster (with an ‘er’) role. He really needs to control that serious muffin top he’s got going.

When a Pooh gets caught with his hand in the hunny jar, sometimes he’s gonna get whacked. This was the beginning of the 100 Acre Turf War.

No, really. This guy goes by MC Pooh. I assume there’s a guest spot by DJ Fecal Matter.

Ok, what the hell is going on here? Pooh with a porno moustache and Tigger blinged out and and giving him a back rub. Or butt rub from the looks of it. So so much wrong with this picture.

Pimp Pooh

Whew! Had to give Pooh back his manly mojo after that last picture. Here, Pooh’s bitches take Johns back to hotel rooms and proceed to knock them out and steal the tiny packets of honey that are sometimes next to the coffee maker in hotels.

Drug lord Pooh

During the 1980’s, the 100 Acre Wood stories were less popular than in previous years. To supplement his income, Pooh became a Colombian drug lord. Piglet became and unwilling mule. Tigger, his sole customer.

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Pulp Fiction

Until now, I’ve never considered getting a tattoo. There may never be anything cooler than this picture. Just stop looking at the internet now.

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