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Long ago when I was working in grocery stores doing resets, the holiday season made me want to tear my ears off with a rusty box opener rather than listen to another horrible version of some cheeseball Christmas song over the stores PA system.

You haven’t understood pain and misery until you’ve heard the instrumental muzak version of White Christmas done in a pseudo Reggae style by someone who obviously has never listened to reggae.

And at that time I vowed that I would write a Christmas song and get me some of that money that comes from public airplay.  I then proceeded to write a song that will never be played in any supermarket anywhere.  If you need some funny in your Xmas though, I’ve got you covered.

When we first released “What Santa Wants”, a booking agent we were working with at the time thought it would be great for us to perform it at San Jose’s Christmas in the Park.  A lovely family event with decorated trees and little animatronic snowmen, and other such crap.  Just the kind of subversive gig I love.  🙂

So we did a toy drive benefit show with a few other bands and we dropped “Santa” on an adoring crowd.  They loved it.  The festival committee on the other hand told us we were banned from every performing at the event again.  I sent out a press release.

Now you can download, for free, the What Santa Wants EP featuring a couple different versions of the song plus a free bonus track.  Check it out at

And here’s a video of us performing it live on our DVD “Raising A Rockus – Live at the Historic Hoover Theater”

Need some more?  Here’s a couple other funny Xmas song videos…

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