My Funniest Jokes

piratescompton_showWell, the big event is just 4 days away.  We’ll be filming my 3rd comedy special. The thing I love about doing these specials is that it’s the purest version of my art at this time.  It’s not some random club in a random town where the audience doesn’t know me and I have to carefully cater to their tastes to make sure I get paid at the end of the night.

Instead, I can do exactly what I want to do because the people in the audience, for the most part, have been following my career for years and and are both pulling for my success and interested in what new material I’m bringing to the table.

The flipside of that is that I don’t make money on these until much later.  These gigs cost me money. 🙂  Speaking of which, if you’d like to help out, you can pre-order the new DVD for an obnoxiously low price right here.

One of the ways that I’ve been promoting the event over the past week or so is by creating meme (I’m really tired of that word) graphics to post on Facebook and Twitter.  These are some of the best jokes from my first 2 specials.  Jokes, at least, that are short and work written out.  A lot my stuff needs the physical movement to really work. I’m not a “just the words” type comic. 🙂

So check these out.  Feel free to share them with your friends. They make great Pinterest images. 🙂

texasmilitary_show testosteronebaby selectivefeminism nascarromance disneybaby disneyporn disneyvegas girlfriendaquarium_show girlfriendbike_show diamondjetski diamondfemur

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