Fun Factoids

1.5 Billion shoes are sold in this country every year.

60% of those belong to my girlfriend.

And she’s Chinese, so they’re all by the front door.


Adults 35 and under send more humorous greeting cards than any other age group.

Because people over 35 realize that greeting cards are a ridiculous scam.


Scientists estimate that up to 97 percent of DNA in the human genome has no known function.
Next week Beach Body will have a new diet infomercial telling you how to “get rid of all that excess flabby DNA!”


People spend an average of 45 seconds on an individual web page.
Which means you’re probably already gone and not reading this.

…But I push on….


90 years ago the Grand Canyon became a national monument and Cellophane was invented.
89 years ago Christophe tried to cover the Grand Canyon with cellophane


The human eyeball blinks an average of 4,200,000 times per year.
The Geico eyeballs do not.

Phil Johnson

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90 years ago: The Grand Canyon became a national monument & Cellophane is invented.

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