Film Review – Never Been Thawed

I just picked up a copy of this film, “Never Been Thawed” because a website mentioned Greg Behrendt was in it.  And the plot looked like just the thing I’d like.  And I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

It was originally released in 2005, so don’t look for it in your local theater anytime soon.  But I definitely recommend picking up a DVD.

The film is in a mock-doc style and centers around a group of frozen dinner enthusiasts.  Yes, you read that right.  They collect TV dinners and are as geeky about them as any Disney, NASCAR, stamp collector, or scrapbooker you’ve ever met. One of the lead characters, Shawn, runs 14 freezers in his house at all times to keep his collection from melting.

Shawn’s punk rock band also has decided to turn Christian Rock to take advantage of a happening market.  Plenty of good jabs here.  At one point their tour laminates are shown and say “Convertin’ MF’s Tour 2003”  Love it. 🙂

If you’re easily offended, don’t watch.  It takes jabs at collectors, religion, conservatives, abortion protesters, musicians, born again virgins, clowns, and assorted other misfits and dorks.

This movie is all about the writing.  The production is so-so and looks low budget.  The acting is pretty good for the most part, but falls down in a couple places.  The script is the thing here.  It’s kind of like watching South Park.  Yeah, the animation sucks, but the dialogue makes it worthwhile.

Oh, and Greg Behrendt is in it.  He plays a super douche-y morning radio DJ who loves to hear his own voice and cuts off every answer to his interview questions.  I know Greg has done plenty of radio, and I’ve done quite a few myself.  Let’s just say he nails it. 🙂

It was produced in association with Netflix, so I imagine you can get it there.  Amazon also has it for cheap.

I heartily recommend this film.  And if you’re the type that needs social proof, it also won the Sedona International Film Festival for Breakout Filmmaker.  Give it a go!

Phil Johnson

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