Facebook Says I’m Too Sexy

I'm too sexy and too boozy for Facebook.   Obviously.
A little “Facebook is dumb” story…
The other day I added “Burning Sensation” to my Facebook/Instagram store and Facebook kicked the cover image back because of a “sexually explicit pose”.
That’s right… I’m too sexy for Facebook.
I requested a review with the message “There’s nothing sexually explicit about this image.”
It got kicked back again with the message “You cannot promote images of alcoholic beverages.”
If you’re drinking liquor that looks anything like that hot sauce, you’re… drinking hot sauce.
So I submitted a picture of me pulling a face next to some hot sauce bottles. They insisted I looked like an 80’s beer girl poster. I’m sure you can see the similarity in the two photos.
This is how Facebook sees me.
But the good news is “Burning Sensation” is available in my FB/Insta store anyway, because their AI wasn’t as dumb the 2nd time I submitted it.

And of course, it’s available in my main web store too.  

You might want to go get it so I’m not tempted to start an Only Fans now that I’m too sexy.

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