Erykah Badu Vilified For Nudity In Video

Erykah Badu’s new video for Window Seat is all about individuality and how it’s suppressed by the world around us.

The video itself has been taken off YouTube, but you can see it on Erykah’s official site.  All her naughty bits are blurred out so it shan’t offend your sensibilities.

She did the video in Dealey Plaza in Texas where JFK was shot.  I think he would have approved.  He was certainly a fan of naked women.

Now people are looking into suing her Erykah Badu for public nudity and the “harm” it did to children in the area.  Laughable.  This doesn’t even outdo Janet Jackson’s boob and that didn’t hurt anyone.

Besides, in any big city of this world right now there’s some cracked out homeless dude with his ding-a-ling hanging out in public.  Nobody is suing him.  And I’m willing to bet most people are way happier seeing Erykah in the buff.

And while we’re all worried about a singer and her butt, could we maybe do something about all the priests and swim coaches that are molesting children?  Ya think maybe that’s more damaging?  I’m sure the pope doesn’t like Erykah Badu’s  video.  She’s not messing with little kids in it.

By the way, this stunt has been done before.  A few months ago indie duo Matt and Kim had a web sensation with their video “Lessons Learned” in which they strip in Times Square.  Erykah Badu was certainly inspired by the video and even spoke to Matt and Kim before shooting her own to discuss it with them.

What do you think of the vids?  Harmless?  Hurtful?  Totally Hawt?

Phil Johnson

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