Enter The Chamber – Behind The Scenes of “If I Were A Girl”

Recording Screen CapHey Friends… I’m on the road, spending a couple of off days on my tour in Seattle where it’s, of course, raining.  But I thought of a fun idea, I want to tell you about.

My next single, “If I Were A Girl”, is one of the more involved recordings I’ve undertaken.  It’s going through a lot of tweaking and adjusting and changes and other such synonyms. And I’m always amazed to see the different permutations a song takes on in the development and recording process.  I’m doing it all, and it’s still mysterious.

Would you like to see the process that a song goes through from the initial “me and an acoustic guitar” stage all the way to the final master that gets released to the public?

What I’d like to do is send you an email maybe once a week-ish with a link to listen and download the next iteration of the song.  Free, of course.  You can download it or just give it a listen.  And of course, I welcome your feedback on it.  Though, the early versions sound like dog-poo.  That’s why they’re not the final versions.  🙂

The first link will be sent out Tuesday morning March 5th.

These behind-the-scenes recordings will be going out exclusively to members of my email list.  If you’re already a member, good for you! 🙂  If not, fill out the little form at the end of this post and you too can be among the privileged few. 🙂  Plus you’ll get a full album’s worth of my best material.

The first email with the first version goes out Tuesday morning March 5th.  And you know if you don’t watch the series from the beginning you totally get lost and can’t figure out what’s going on in later episodes and why were there polar bears on the island?  And what the hell is the Dharma Initiative?  Wait, sorry, that’s “Lost”… Anyway, get in on the beginning of the series so you get the whole experience. 🙂

Fill out the form below right now and you’re good to go!

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