Dressing Room – Yacht Club – Iowa City, IA – 10/21/13

Dressing Room - Yacht Club - Iowa City, IAThere’s a cool type of club you find in the eastern parts of the US that you don’t find in the west where I live.  Basement clubs.

There’s just something about the vibe of a cool club in the basement of a building.  It’s the right feel for both great comedy and music.  We’ve got a couple of them here in California. Blake’s in Berkeley comes to mind.

But on this night I was at the Yacht Club in Iowa City, IA for a great little comedy show run by Tom Garland.

It’s a weekly showcase type gig and they didn’t have a huge crowd for this one.  But it was still nice to be in a college town with a younger, hipper, and more mixed audience than I’d had the previous couple days.

I worked on the mall and taser bits I’ve been trying to fine tune, as well as a few other bits and a rendition of “If I Were A Girl”. 

I already had a headache going into the gig and, of course, did my most athletic material.  But the set went great and really went a long way to relieving the feelings of the Cedar Falls shows. 

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