Dressing Room – Tower Grill – Concord, CA – 9/30/13

Tower Grill, Concord CASo on the last day of the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, I started coming down with a head cold.  Sunday’s drive home was pretty miserable.  And Monday I had a headlining gig at the Tower Grill in Concord.

Fortunately, it’s a really small, intimate show, with no more than a couple dozen people.  So I didn’t have to go full bore with either energy or volume, which was nice.  And they were a fantastic little crowd.  Did all the material that bombed in my Vegas set and it worked great here.  Singing was quite a trick as my throat is a mess and my ears are plugged.  But I managed to get through Bad Porno Sex (which I can do in my sleep at this point) and Buy My Shit (ditto).  Had some trouble on my new song, “Look Here”.  Singing in a falsetto with no voice is a bad idea.  But the jokes flew at least. 🙂

It’s a funny thing, performing while sick.  For the most part the symptoms go away.  I still felt a but stuffy, but no sneezing, no coughing, and my energy was the best it had been in days.  An audience has that effect on a performer.  I’ve done shows in really terrible shape at times and I always feel great on stage.  And terrible again as soon as I’m done.  It’s like some weird chemical magic between performer and audience.


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