Dressing Room (Sort of) – Stud Bar – San Francisco, CA – 10/9/13

Hidden Mickey at The Stud - San Francisco, CAOk, I’ll admit my dressing room was not on the ceiling with the disco balls.  I snapped that picture because I like Hidden Mickeys.  But let me explain.

The Stud is a gay bar in San Francisco.  Not that it mattered in this case because there wasn’t much of anybody there.  But I went into the bathroom to pee after my hour drive.  There was a communal urinal (duh). And it was backed with a mirror. So not only do you have a fine view of your own junk, you can see what the dude next to you is packing without even turning your head. 

And the restroom had no door, so could see the urinal from the bar.  All that met up in my head to tell me it might be weird if someone saw me taking a picture of the bathroom.

As the show started, there were about 8 people in the audience besides us comics.  And 3 of those people eventually ended up on stage too.  So a small crowd.  I kind of figured it would be since I’d heard (after already booking the gig) that it would be the last night of this particular show. 

I was supposed to go 2nd to last in the show and I was going to throw on my red shirt in the little green room behind the stage just before going on.  Then the MC whipped out my intro and brought me up way earlier than I’d planned.  So it was one of those rare occasions where I did the show in a regular ol gray tshirt instead of my red shirt.  And also didn’t ever enter the green room.  Another missed photo op. 

The no-red-shirt thing seems to happen about twice a year.

The little crowd that could was actually pretty good.  I wanted to work on some of my newer stuff, so I mixed them in with the hits.  The mall bit did well.  Hitler’s Bodyguard did ok.  And Godzilla on Vacation kind of fell flat.  I wasn’t well rehearsed on that one.  Though I have to admit I was slightly disappointed that this very alt-culture crowd in a San Francisco gay bar still liked the super mainstream-y mall bit the best of my new stuff.  I get the feeling that one is sticking around for awhile.

Next up, I’m MC’ing Metalfest in Hayward, CA.  So we’ll see what kind of green room (area?) they’ve got for the performers…

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