Dressing Room – Legionnaire Saloon – Oakland, CA – 11/7/13

Dressing Room - Legionnaire Saloon - Oakland, CA - 11/7/13This was my first time doing the Barbary Coast Comedy show at the Legionnaire in Oakland. 

The venue itself is a nice bar.  Not divey, but not frou-frou either.  Right down the street from the Stork Club if that place makes you feel creepy.  The comedy show is in the upstairs room which looks like a basement somehow.

The picture of my dressing room/bathroom stall there at the left is an interesting one. Co-ed bathrooms, no urinals, and the stalls are fully enclosed.  Never seen a place like that before.

Pat and Barry Katzmann, who run this show, have always been great to me.  They were some of first folks to start booking me to close shows back in the day at Spud’s in Berkeley. 

This show was a little lightly attended, but the crowd was definitely there for the show and ready to enjoy themselves.  So it wasn’t uncomfortable like some small shows are. 

Corey Robinson and Kevin Munroe both went up and worked their magic before me.  I love working with both those guys because I know the show will be smart and funny. And they’re fun guys to hang out with.

My set went well.  Started by calling back to Kevin’s joke about 5’8″ white men being far more able to steal stuff by saying, “I’m 5’8″ and white, so watch your shit.”

Kept enough polished material in my set to keep the show going, but was also able to try out a bit of new stuff that I wrote earlier that morning.  And it worked pretty well, so it’ll stay in rotation for now.

Kind of a day at work gig, but there are certainly worse days at work to be had.  Next up is the RISE benefit show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.  So watch for an update on Monday about that one.

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