Dressing Room – Layover Bar – Oakland, CA – 10/15/13

Layover Bar OaklandThe Layover in Oakland is one of those places where you can never count on the audience to be super consistent.  Sometimes big, sometimes small. Sometimes way into it, sometimes not.

And that presents an interesting challenge for a comedian, simply because we have to adapt to whatever is going on right then. So for a Tuesday night workout room, it’s perfect.

For a comedian, this type of gig is like going to the gym. 🙂

This show had some good comics on it.  But with everyone working on newish material, the crowd didn’t always know that.  Still, they were pretty warm and attentive. 

Sandra Risser went on right before me and she’s been doing really well lately.  The crowd dug her schtick and she left them nice and warm for me.

I needed to work on a couple bits that I knew I’d use on my Iowa shows this week. (Greetings from Iowa!).  Just a 10 minute set, so I started off with my weed bit.  You see, we always start with something that we know works to set a benchmark for the new stuff.

Then I did my bits about going to the mall (real new) and the iPhone taser (which I seem to always be rewriting).  Both of them did really well.  The mall bit has been doing well right out of the gate.  This being the 5th time or so I’ve done it.  Now I’m just tightening up the timing on it mostly. 

The taser bit has been a thorn in my side since I wrote it.  Always “almost there”.  Not good enough to do regularly, but not bad enough to give up on.  But I added a bunch of new act outs to it and I think it’s finally kicking into high gear.

So, the Oakland hipsters liked it.  Let’s see how it does in Iowa this weekend. If it hits with both audiences, definitely keepers!


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