Dressing Room – La Fogata – Walnut Creek, CA – 11/14/13

La Fogata - Walnut Creek, CAThis was one of those gigs where you’re coming off something really cool, but not as easy or pleasant as hoped (Great American Music Hall) and going into something not nearly as cool that turns out to be way more fun.

People often ask about my favorite place to play.  And the answer is “anywhere there’s an attentive audience”.

As you see, I was back in yet another bathroom stall, throwing on the red shirt for this gig at a Mexican restaurant. It was a last minute request from the show runners due to a cancellation, scant pay, and I didn’t even get a free burrito.  The stage was small and made of plywood.

BUT, the audience was fantastic!  There to be entertained and smart.  I was supposed to do 30 minutes and ended up doing 40. The show was about two comics too long and they were a little tired for part of my set. But by the time we got to the music, they were energized again, so I kept going. 

It’s a nice night when the jokes work as planned and I can relax and play around.  This was that kind of gig.  And the burrito (that I paid for) was pretty good too.

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