Dressing Room – Jokers Comedy Club – Cedar Falls, IA – 10/18-19/13

Jokers Comedy Club - Dressing RoomHere’s where I was donning the red shirt while performing at Jokers Comedy Club in Cedar Falls, IA.  The club is pretty nice too and I’ll put a picture of the showroom down below.

But I’ll be straight on this one… I don’t get Iowa audiences. 

I try not to be the “They just don’t get me, man!” type of comic.  Usually if an audience isn’t into what I’m doing, it’s because I don’t understand what makes them tick.

And I firmly believe that if a comic consistently appeals to absolutely everyone, they’re not saying much worth listening to.  For goodness sake, there are people who don’t enjoy Bill Cosby.  That ought to tell you right there that all comedy isn’t for everyone.

The trick is coming to terms with that when faced with that audience and experiencing the painful stage time that comes with it.  Now, I didn’t bomb at these shows.  They definitely could have gone worse.  But they definitely weren’t the best sets I’ve had.

And it’s not a midwest thing either… Drop me in S. Dakota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana… I do just fine in those places.  There’s something I’m missing about the Iowa state of mind (write that song Alicia Keys!).  And maybe I just have to be content with the idea that it’s not a place where I’m going to have a huge fanbase.

The people that were on board, were definitely on board.  I’ve got a few very cool fans here that do their best to support when I’m here.  I think I just need to transfer them to a state that has more people like us. 🙂

Jokers Comedy Club - Cedar Falls, IA
You can see it’s certainly a nice club though.  That’s a view from the balcony which was acting as the green room.  I wish I’d aimed better.  You can just see on either side of the stage the two giant joker heads.  During the DJ night that follows the comedy, light beams shoot out of their eyes and mouth.  Kind of reminds me of the Eye of Mara on the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland. 🙂

The tour rolls on with some intriguing shows ahead….

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