Dressing Room – 9/6/13 – Wine Tyme – Capitola, CA

Well, definitely a step up in the dressing room arena here.  It’s still a bathroom of course.  The sink and toilet are just out of frame.

This is at Wine Tyme in the little beach town of Capitola, CA, near Santa Cruz.  A tiny little wine bar.

The show itself was great for the people sitting in the front half of the room who paid attention and had a wonderful time.  I don’t know about the people who were sitting in the back, insistent on talking to each other, and generally making me have to talk and sing louder to get over them. And then I got turned down because the landlord doesn’t like loud entertainment.  Go figure.

So, the end of the show was a bit of a mess, but made some new friends, and hey… Look at that bathroom…

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