Don’t Put Paper In The Urinal

Maybe a urinal like this would keep it from happening.

I was in the library the other day and during a stop in the restroom I noticed that sign. “Please don’t put any paper in the urinal.”

As with any sign, it means enough people actually did it that they had to put a sign up. Just in case you thought people that frequent libraries are smart…. Turns out no.

What astounds me is the effort one would have to go to to get paper into the urinal. There is absolutely no toilet paper within arms reach of the urinals. That means there’s some travel involved. Someone was wandering around that restroom, hanging out I imagine, thinking to themselves “Why don’t the put the paper closer to the urinal?” Seriously considering that the rest of the world is wrong on this account.

Maybe a new soundtrack in the restroom would help. They could start by playing Prince’s “Shake!”

And then I wonder just where they thought the paper would go when left in the urinal. Did they think it would flush? Did they think the magic toilet elves would take care of it? This act exhibits a distinct lack of understanding of basic physics.

On the other hand, maybe it was basic laziness. Maybe the guy was cleaning out his pockets at the time. “Don’t need that receipt. This old note can go…” and just tossing them in. Again mistaking it for some sort of Jetson’s magic urinal.

Let me just say that these are people that shouldn’t be trusted around children, sharp objects, or voting ballots. Or urinals.

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