D23 Disney Expo!

Almost forgot it was blog day!  When I travel a lot, I tend to forget what day it is. 🙂

So, today is halfway through the inaugural D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA.  Overall, it’s been
a very enjoyable experience.  I arrived at 10am on Thursday and, in traditional Disney fashion, immediately stood in line.

My first event was getting into the Disney Legends ceremony, which until this year has never been open to the public.  Very cool to watch Robin Williams, Betty White, Don Iwerks,
Tony Anselmo (voice of Donald Duck), and Bill Farmer (voice of Goofy) get their awards.

Though I was able to sneak my camera in, I unfortunately wasn’t able to get any good pics.
Too blurry. 🙁

The Expo floor itself is quite good.  Lots of amazing art and collectibles.  Most of which I can’t afford.  I’ll be restraining myself to a tshirt and possibly a good Peter Pan movie poster.

The best part so far has been the presentations.  Today I saw an imagineer talking about the different Haunted Mansion rides.  Also one with a selection of composers that have written for Disney rides, films, and shows.   Missed out on the Disney Rarities screening where they’re showing some rare shorts that haven’t been seen in 60 years.  The room was full by the time I got there.

Earlier today they were screening previews of upcoming films and I decided to skip it.  Found out later that a variety of special guests made appearances: Tim Burton, John Travolta, Nicholas Cage, Kelly Preston, and in full Jack Sparrow garb, Johnny Depp.

They Disney Treasures gallery is pretty cool, but not as much as expected.  Some great items like the production model of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues under the sea.  Some macquettes from Pinnochio.  But mostly costumes.  And for some reason I don’t really care about seeing a dress from the Princess Diaries.

Tomorrow night is the big auction.  I will not be bidding, but I’m hoping to get in to watch.  They auctioning experience type events, jewelry, and even a ride car from Peter Pan.  There’s also a fantastic full size recreation of the Hat Box Ghost.

I have to run to do a last minute show at the House Of Blues tonight, but here’s some pics and I’ll write more early next week.

There’s a new collectible called Vinylmation figures.  Some artists are doing
some really cool things with them, like this Stich figure.


There’s a section of Disney princess art done by Disney’s
own consumer products artists.  I really like this one
that places Snow White in a Haunted Mansion stretch


There’s a whole section on new stuff happening in the parks.  Since they’re
refreshing the presidents, here’s what Abraham Lincoln looks like naked.
(Some weirdo will find this pic after googling “naked abraham lincoln”)


Yep, this lady is actually interviewing a trash can.  Fortunately, it was responding.
Pretty funny little robot.  And just seconds after I snapped this, some oblivious yahoo
walked up and put some dirty napkins in it.


This pleasant gentlemen is Dave Smith.  If you’re not among the initiated, Dave is the head
of the Disney company archives.  He knows more about the company than anyone in the world. I read his books and articles regularly, so it was great to get to meet him.


More soon!

Phil Johnson

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