Comedy Special v2.0 Begins!

Phil Johnson at Comedy Palace

As you may have heard by now, the shows we filmed in San Diego in August for my new special were absolutely fantastic.  I was elated both with the audience and my performance.  I took one day off to bask in a job well done before getting down to the work of editing the show and…

Uh oh.  Two of the four cameras were pretty sketchy.  One of them being the main “back of the room” shot.  But after some discussion with an editor friend of mine we decided we could work with it with some color correction and fancy editing.

Then I put the audio tracks on and they were… to put it nicely… an absolute fucking disaster.

Distorted, peaking, and with all 4 mics mixed down to two tracks instead of having 4 separate tracks.  Which means there’s nothing I can do with them.  

So as great as the shows were, that final product that I could have wrangled out of them would have been an embarrassment to release.

So now we begin v2.0

The great part is that a ton of people have stepped up to help me with the project since I announced that debacle. And so the plan for it has changed a little bit.

Now we’re going to film four shows around the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m also going to be filming a bunch of documentary stuff around it to give you some insight into what it takes to get a project like this finished when you don’t have Comedy Central or Netflix throwing money at it.

I’m either hiding a standup special in a documentary or hiding a documentary in a standup special. We’ll see which way it goes. 🙂

Where them shows at, yo?

Well, I’ll tell you. We’ve got them all scheduled, camera crews are ready and we’re rolling out.

Saturday October 19th, 2019 at Art Boutiki in San Jose, CA In the can!
Saturday January 25th at DNA’s Comedy Lab in Santa Cruz, CA
Saturday February 1st at Sally Tomatoes in Rohnert Park, CA

After the shows are filmed we’re looking at a Spring 2020 release for the special depending on how all the back end stuff goes. I’m anxious to get it out to you both so you can see and so I can quit doing this material and work on new stuff. 😉

More news here as it comes!

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