Clint Eastwood and The Republican Convention

I wasn’t going to post a blog today because, frankly, I’m not feeling very funny or creative today.  It happens sometimes.  But I wanted to weigh in on the Republican National Convention and Clint Eastwood’s speech.

I just watched the speech on YouTube because I didn’t watch the convention on TV.  Don’t get me wrong.  I won’t be watching the democrats either.  Those back-patting-applause-break-every-5-seconds-preach-to-the-choir love fests are everything I hate about politics. Talk about an utter waste of time and money.

If that event has changed even one person’s mind about their personal politics it might have some worth (to them anyway).  But I’m quite sure it hasn’t.  Unless they’re the type of person that believes everything they see on TV, in which case they have much larger problems.  And they’ll be changing their mind again as soon as the next BS commercial is on.

And the Clint Eastwood speech was the epitome of the whole mess.  Up there looking like he was going for that fashionable messed up hair look but forgot to put any product in.  Pulling out the “hey, look at this game I just learned in improv class” chair discussion.  And then busting out the catch phrase at the end.  They may as well have had Larry the Cable Guy up there yelling “Git ‘er done!” for as much good as that did the world.  Besides, “Right turn Clyde!” would have been way better.

My favorite part was when he said, “We own this country.”  Right, we get it.  The 1% was in the hizzy.  You guys own the country.  The politicians work for you and every other big financial backer sitting in that room.  Thanks for rubbing that in.

This was just bad entertainment dressed up as politics.  The 3rd grade jokes aren’t going to move anyone to the other side.  And the DNC will be just as bad.  They’ll pull some publicity stunt to get twitter buzzing too.  My guess is Angelina Jolie talking to an empty Coke can.

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t paid one lick of attention that’s happened in this race til now.  No commercials, no speeches, no debates, no news articles.  In another couple weeks I’ll do my own research into the candidates views on the issues.  Then I’ll make a decision based on who I think will accomplish the things I’d like to see accomplished.  Because that’s how grownups do it.  They don’t vote for someone because Dirty Harry (or whoever Obama gets to showboat for him) tells them to.

I’ll end with two quick videos.  One is a bit I was doing in my show four years ago before the previous election.  Different publicity stunts, same stupidity.

The other is a very funny video (not mine) of the the chair’s response to Clint Eastwood.  Enjoy!

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