Another Death.

There’s been so much death over the past week.  Michael Jackson, Farrah Faucett, Karl Maulden.  It just makes for a difficult week when that’s all everyone is talking about.

But none of those deaths have affected me as much as the one that took place last night.  We had to put our poor old dog Piccolo to sleep.  It’s such a hard decision to let a pet go.  But he can’t stand up anymore and eating doesn’t interest him much. And he hasn’t been able to see or hear well for a few years.

To be truthful, he’s actually my girlfriend’s dog.  And he lives at her mom’s house.  But he’s been part of the family for 14 years.  And he’s come to “vacation” at our house at times.   He and I have been good buddies ever since he arrived on the scene.

Years ago he tore a ligament in his back leg.  My girlfriend and I split the cost of having him fixed up.  So I can definitely claim part ownership.  Not sure I would have spent that much to have my own leg fixed.  He’s always walked with a little limp since then.

He’s not a remarkable dog in any sense.  Just a chubby little mutt.  Bright enough to be mischievous.  Not terribly brave.  But absolutely the kindest dog you could ever meet as long as he wasn’t scared of you.  Definitely a guy’s dog.  Messy and always uncouth.  But always fun to have around.

He was the most polite dog I ever met.  If you offered him a dog biscuit that he wasn’t in the mood for, he would politely take it from your hand and set it aside for later.  He never turned it down.

I’ll always remember chasing him through the park when he got off his leash.  Even at 12 years old he could outrun me.  And he’s not that big.  He would bolt at a moment’s notice.  Not to get away.  Just because he was always curious about what was around the next corner.  I took him for a walk just last week and he still stopped to smell everything.  I’m not even sure his nose works that well anymore.

I think it’s a good lesson to stay curious about life.  Something new and exciting could be around any corner.

He always looked like a puppy.  Never quite grew into his paws.  And he had a habit of tripping over them.  He’s a klutz.  I think that’s why we always got along well.

We’re going to miss Piccolo a lot.  When someone gives you unconditional love like a dog, it’s hard to let them go.

Piccolo  1994-2009

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