Anorexic Mannequins

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Actually ” The Anorexic Mannequins” sounds like a cool band name, now that I think about it.

Anyway, I was at the mall the other day and one of the store mannequins in the window was wearing a pair of jeans so tight that they had to leave the top button undone.

How is that supposed to entice women to buy those jeans?  Every woman I know thinks she’s too big.  She’s going to think “It doesn’t even fit the four pound mannequin!”

What does that do to the mannequin’s psyche?  “I get no exercise just standing here all day.  I must be gaining weight.  I’m going to get demoted from the window and end up in the plus size section.”

And really, have you seen how much mannequins eat?  Nothing!  They really have a problem already.

However, if they were to put her hand in the front of the pants Al Bundy style… That would make the whole look work.

Phil Johnson

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