And The Winners Are……

Yes, I put everyone's names on slips of paper, shook them up good, and picked 3 random names.

Yes, I put everyone’s names on slips of paper on the back of some old sheet music, shook them up good, and picked 3 random names.

Today we announce the winners of the “If I Were A Girl” Trivia Contest!  Thanks to the 42 people that entered!

Are you excited?  I know you are! Drum roll please…..

First off, here are the correct answers to the 5 questions…

1. What brand of “back massager” is mentioned in the first chorus of the song?
Answer: The Hitachi Magic Wand.  Truthfully, only one person got this right.  Everyone else answered The Rabbit, which, while technically correct, is mentioned in the SECOND chorus of the song, rather than the first. 🙂  So, I bent the rules a little and counted that answer too.

2. Which TV personality “says you’re an asshole” during the last section of the song?
Answer: Oprah

3. In the video, which visual reference refers to a bit on my DVD “Be Yourself…Unless You’re An Idiot”?
Answer: Vertical Eyebrows

4. In the video, where is the “hidden Mickey”?
Answer: On my forehead. Kinda hard to miss that one. 🙂

5. From what city does guest rapper Tah Phrum Duh Bush hail from?
Answer: New York, New York.

And now here are the winners of the 3 prize packs!

1st Place: Brittany McDaniels
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction DVD 3-Pack
– Including “What Color Is Your Laugh?”, “Raising A Rockus”, and “What Color Is Your Laugh?”
A “Be Yourself…Unless You’re An Idiot” T-shirt
An autographed dollar store eye shadow set

2nd Place: Cara Thomas
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction CD 3-Pack
– Including “Ribbed For Your Pleasure”, “A Nut Unbroken”, and “I Know I Shouldn’t Say This, But…”
An autographed dollar store lipstick

3rd Place: Sheila Baker (who also referred the most people! Thanks Sheila!)
A Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction “Stuff People Like” Greatest Hits CD (only available at my live shows!)
An autographed dollar store eye liner pencil

There it is kids!  Do me a favor and keep on passing the word about the “If I Were A Girl” download and video.  You can click the share button on either the audio player or the YouTube video below. I can only make the song.  It’s you that makes it a hit. 🙂

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