Ancient Egyptian Burial Policy

The ancient Egyptians and other societies used to bury their dead with their possessions so they’d be fully equipped for the afterlife.

We have to be thankful that we don’t do that anymore. I don’t want to show up in the afterlife with a Dell running Windows 95 and a flip phone.

Otherwise there would probably be lots of people in Heaven walking around with beepers, 8-tracks, and huge cell phones the size of toasters.  Not a society of early adopters, we might say.

I would want to know if trades are allowed though.  Maybe you get some younger dead guy who shows up with an iPhone.  Legal to trade?  Would there at least be a Heavenly eBay?  Like HeBay?  Maybe Heaven is just one huge garage sale.

Many of the items buried with ancient Egyptians were functional.  But a lot of it was decorative too.  Thankfully there won’t be any 70’s throwbacks in the afterlife hanging on to their shag carpeting and chest hair.

Phil Johnson

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