Aftermath of the Filming of My New Comedy Special

Phil Joh8nson ComedyWow wow wow! Sorry it’s taken me a couple days to get to this post.  The filming of my new comedy special last Saturday went fantastic!  My audio engineer is mixing the sound as we speak. And as soon as I get back from my short Midwest tour, I’ll be handling the editing myself.

Hopefully looking for a mid-December release.

Tickets were sold out by Saturday morning and I had a stream of people emailing and texting asking how they could get in anyway. And I think we managed to squeeze everybody in that made it out to Art Boutiki.  Can’t turn away people that want to laugh, right?

Phil Johnson ComedySpeaking of Art Boutiki, the general opinion was “What an awesome venue!”  I agree. 🙂  As you can see in the pictures we did a little production design to (unfortunately) cover up the killer backdrop of album covers that could have been an intellectual property landmine on film.  But I think it came out looking pretty darn good.

Chad Opitz did a great opening set and rolled with the punches when I asked him to do another bit or two while we adjusted one of the cameras.

My set was pretty darn solid.  I missed a couple jokes and blew one line of lyrics.  Not bad for being on stage for nearly 85 minutes. 🙂

Phil Johnson ComedyThe band however was top notch… “Band?”, you say?  You betcha… My band Roadside Attraction made a surprise appearance to help me out with the last 3 songs of the show, “Here Comes My Baby”, “Super Dan”, and “If I Were A Girl”.  It’s been 7 years since our last live appearance together, so it was good to have Joe, Ray, John, and Jesse on stage with me again.

Everyone exiting the show said they had a great time and it was a pretty interesting mixed bag of folks.  I think we had most of the major nationalities, comedy show vets, and total newbies.  I’m always proud when I can work an audience like that.

Phil Johnson ComedySo that part of the process is done and now we’re on to post-production.  I’m going to try and keep up with the updates and videos (new one soon) to keep you updated. FORWARD! MARCH!


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