A Halloween Poem

Something that popped out of my head yesterday.  This was some kid’s Halloween this year.  It might be a song later.  I’m not sure yet…

I’m prepared for a night of evil

A night of debauchery

A night of fun

I’m prepared to brave the elements

But mom says it’s cold out

I have to wear my mittens

And I was the only Sith lord

Wearing a down ski jacket

Cuz this is sure one lame ass Halloween

The darkness calls to me

A stranger’s gaze

The threat of danger in the air

I’m prepared to trick them one and all

But mom says it’s too dark out

We’ll trick or treat at the mall

But candy doesn’t taste as good

When it comes from the Gap

And this is sure one lame as Halloween

I arrive in my lair with the haul of a lifetime

Enough sugar to send me into shock

I’m fully prepared to have my stomach pumped

The first wrapper loosens beneath my fingers

When dad pops his head in

And says he needs to check it

He claims there’s razors

In all but the twizzlers

And this is sure one lame ass Halloween

Phil Johnson

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