A Geeky Love Story

Matt and Maria - Geeks In LoveI was doing a show at Mission City in Santa Clara last year.  Before the show, the talent booker, Matt, told me his friend Maria was coming to the show to hang out with him.  While I was onstage performing my song “Geeks Don’t Care”, I saw a bit of smooching happening behind the sound board.

Later on, Matt told me that was their first kiss.  Matt and Maria remain the happy couple you see in the picture.  And now they’re stuck with my song as a special moment in their lives.  I’m just glad I wasn’t doing “You’re Not Gonna Get Any Tonight” while they were smooching.  That would have just been awkward and potentially confusing on some psychological level.

I originally wrote the song “Geeks Don’t Care” after performing at a particularly geek-centric breast cancer benefit a few years ago.

There’s a certain energy in a group of people that are in their element and with their tribe.  And nearly everyone at the event was happily hooked up with a mate.  Nobody was a Hollywood “10”, but they’d all found someone  to love.  And I thought it was a great lesson for people who are constantly trying to look hot to attract someone.  Geeks don’t care if you’re hot ladies.  Geeks care that you don’t have a penis.

And, I assume, Maria doesn’t have a penis.

Check out “Geek Don’t Care” below.  And use those download and share buttons!  Even if you’re not a geek, give it a go.  I’ve had people tell me they didn’t think they’d get the song and then understand every reference in it. 🙂

Also, this is a brand new studio version of the song.  Much different from the live version on “Be Yourself…Unless You’re An Idiot.”








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