A Clip From Saturday’s Zoom Show

Did you miss the Zoom show on Saturday?  It was super fun!

I won’t lie. I was a little nervous.  It was the first run through of a new hour of material.  And I’ve never written a new show this quickly before.  So it was either going to be really good or really bad.  

Fortunately it turned out really good!

It was a cool mix of people.  Some who have seen me dozens of times.  Others who’ve seen me before but not for a long time.  And even some who’ve never seen me before.  Great folks all around.

Here’s a little clip from the show about me and my girlfriend looking for a place in to eat in Florence, Italy.

If you missed out, fear not.  We’ll do another one soon after I’ve had some time to rewrite and tighten the material.

AND it’ll have better sound next time because I figured what went wrong on this one.  (Hint: Set Zoom to capture the right mic so it doesn’t end up being just a pretty prop in front of my face.  Duh.)

And we’ll probably do it earlier in the day next time to accommodate some of my non-US friends too.

More big stuff coming soon.  Stay tuned!

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