6 Creepy Fiverr Projects

FiverrIf you’ve never used it, Fiverr.com is a strange little marketplace for small jobs.  Sometimes they’re super useful, like this guy who will build you a mobile website.  Others less so, like this guy who will dance in a hot dog costume to whatever song you’d like.

A lot of it is promotional ideas that would have little if any value.  The “I’ll walk around wearing your company’s t-shirt and nothing else” type thing.

And every job is five bucks.  Much like a dollar store, sometimes you’re getting an awesome deal.  Sometimes you’re paying waaaaay too much.

Here’s a few Fivver projects I’d love to post on there to see what kind of reaction they get. Warning: These are offensive.  That’s the point.

– I will creepily mumble your company’s name into people’s ears as I walk by their tables at the cafe.

– I will carve your company’s name into my victim’s chest.

– I will join online sex chats and tell a girl I’d like to do her with your product.

– I will create your portrait in dog poo.

– I will kidnap a child and hold them ransom until their parents buy your product.

– I will have your company’s name put on my headstone

And if anyone were to take me up on those offers, I would seriously doubt their worth as a human being. 🙂

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