5 $100,000 Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree?

Ok, Yahoo posted this thing the other about jobs that pay over a hundred grand and don’t require a degree.

Such as…

Homer's pulling down 100 G's, Pimp...

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator… Oh man.  The Simpson’s should have a much larger house then, shouldn’t they?  A hundred grand would go a long way in Springfield.  Or buy a lot of doughnuts.  It does say you’ll get a lot of on the job training.  I really really hope it’s well supervised on the job training.  Just remember, the guy in high school voted “most likely to go to prison for arson” could soon be running your local reactor.

Director Of Security… I think we’re already seeing a pattern of “if you’ll put your life in danger, we’ll over look that you don’t have a college degree.”  Other jobs I’m now expecting to see: Alligator Wrestler, Bike Messenger, and Drug Mule For Lindsay Lohan.

Licensed Massage Therapist… They say hiring will go up as more people learn the benefits of massage.  Maybe it’s just here in California, but every other person I know is training to be a massage therapist.  There will be no shortage of places to get a rub down.  They’ll be like Starbucks.  In fact, I’m pretty sure there will be a Starbucks inside each one.  And does the job pay more or less with a happy ending?

Elevator Mechanic… Ok, that’s a job that nobody ever even thinks about.  I guess I always figured there were just little elevator trolls that kept the things going.  This is probably the hidden gem on this list.  Yahoo says, “You really move up in this career.”  Stop it Yahoo.

Court Reporter… If you love TMZ and can’t get enough of CSPAN (does that person exist?) you can learn how to type all that shorthand and be privy to every word spoken in a court room.  I’ll bet you’d be wicked fast sending phone texts too.

Phil Johnson

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