10 Things I’d Like To See Disney Do With Star Wars

As both a Disney fan and a Star Wars fan, I’m excited to see how this new partnership works out.  I wasn’t surprised really.  I’d heard that Lucas was looking to move onto new things and he’s a longtime Disney fan.  And of course the two companies have worked on attractions together in the past.  I was pretty surprised to hear that ILM and Skywalker Ranch were included in the deal.  Those are very active companies that probably didn’t need a lot of day to day input from Lucas.

The key will be Disney coming up with good stories, unfortunately not something they’ve been super known for lately.  And they’ve already announced that they won’t be basing the next 3 films on the Thrawn series books, which is too bad.

Ought to be some cool stuff in the pipeline by the time they present at the D23 Expo next year though.

So, with tongue firmly in cheek, here’s 10 things I hope Disney does with the Star Wars franchise.

1. Nothing.  Though that’s probably no way to recoup their investment.

2. Daily public hangings of Jar Jar Binks in Tomorrowland.  Though considering his accent, that would probably come off as racist.

3. In the spirit of hidden Mickeys… Hidden Wookies scattered throughout the park.

4. An Imperial attack on the pirate ship inside Pirates of the Carribbean.

5. A commercial in which Darth Vader eats a Disneyland turkey leg.  How would he do it?  HOW WOULD HE DO IT!?

6. The new Disneyland dress code should require all women to wear Princess Leia side buns and all the men Padawan braids.

7. An official BluRay deluxe release of the Star Wars Christmas Special.  Not kidding on this one.  It’s the funniest show ever created.

8. Tie fighter ear hats.  ‘Nuff said.

9. Just one instance of Mickey Mouse force choking Donald to get him to shut the hell up.

10. Star Wars Ep. VII should include a scene of the Imperial Remnant negotiating funding for a third Death Star… with Scrooge McDuck.


Update… The Great Lukeski just released this song called “When You Wish Upon A Death Star” and it’s an amazing piece of work.  Listen, enjoy.

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